Novel Concepts of Catalysis and Applications

The chemical process industry aspects a marvelous task of delivering, growing and always more demand of global population with the products we required. The average effectiveness at which resources are changed into the final products are still dramatically low and which is almost clear solution to perform chemical conversions at much higher yields and selectivity, this is where active and selective catalysts are efficient chemical reactors.It plays an important role for presenting that how to enhance the efficiency of catalysts and reactors, and The most important developments in the field of chemical reactor engineering and industrial catalysis. In addition, many ways of improving efficiency, activity, selectivity, and improved methods for scale–up, modeling and design are presented in a solid manner.


  • Molecular Modeling
  • Zeolites
  • Catalysis at room temperature
  • Biocatalysis
  • Catalysis for sustainability
  • Structured reactors including membrane and micro channel reactors
  • Switching from batch to continuous reactors
  • Application of alternative energies and process intensification

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